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Did You Know That Baby Oil Can Help You Do the Following?

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Despite its name, baby oil isn’t just for babies. This lightly fragrant oil can be used on grown-up skin for moisturizing and smoothing, while also helping you clean certain household items and handle other bothersome tasks, like untangling old jewelry (more on that below). Here are 5 uses for baby oil that go way beyond keeping your child’s skin baby smooth.

Remove eye makeup.

After putting on a full face, you’ll eventually have to remove all that makeup – and, when it comes to cheap and effective eye makeup remover, baby oil is one of the best! Simply soak a cotton ball with baby oil and run it across your eyelids to remove makeup without irritation.

Soothe cracked feet.

Baby oil’s emollient properties make it a natural choice for soothing cracked, dry heels. Rub some baby oil on your heels before bed, then put on a pair of socks to seal in the moisture. When you wake up, remove the socks for softer, smoother feet.

Use it instead of shaving cream.

No more shaving cream? Don’t panic! You can easily swap baby oil for a number of shaving creams and lotions. Get the job done while providing your skin with an extra layer of hydration, by rubbing a thin layer of oil on your legs before shaving.

Detangle necklaces.

Your favorite necklace always has a knack for getting in knots. The next time you’re faced with a ball of knotted jewelry, allow baby oil to make quick work of the task. Rub a drop or two of oil on the knot and use a straight pin to untangle it.

Shine steel appliances.

Your steel appliances and tools could use a bit of shining up. Handle it with ease using baby oil. Wipe stainless steel with a little oil on a soft cloth to remove fingerprint smudges and spots, while imparting a megawatt shine.

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