Everything That You Need to Know About Virtual Babysitting Right Now

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many in-person processes to move online, and babysitting is no different. Yes, that’s right – babysitting has entered the virtual sphere. In fact, according to Forbes, there was a 700 percent increase in searches for virtual babysitting at the beginning of the pandemic.

Unlike traditional, in-person babysitting, virtual babysitters can’t ensure the physical well-being of your child, but they can keep them entertained and engaged, while parents working from home or busy with other tasks take a breather from childcare. Here are a few things to know about virtual babysitting, including where to locate your own online help.

What is virtual babysitting?

True to its name, virtual babysitting involves a parent hiring a babysitter who, instead of coming over to your apartment to watch your children, will entertain them via the virtual sphere. These virtual sitters use video chat apps, like FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype, to engage children with virtual games, discussion, reading time, or simple art projects.

Who shouldn’t use virtual babysitting?

Obviously, virtual babysitting differs in many ways from traditional babysitting. Parents using virtual sitting services should make sure that their children are old enough to understand how video calls work and how to engage with the sitter on the other end. You should also shy away from virtual babysitting for extended amounts of time. Virtual babysitting tends to be more effective, for both adults and children, in short sessions.

Where can I find a virtual babysitter?

If you’re interested in hiring a virtual sitter, there are many online platforms to check out, including SitterCity,, The Babysitting Company, and Minutes 4 Moms. You could also try calling your regular, in-person sitter to ask if they’d be willing to meet up with your kids in the virtual realm. And, never forget the power of connecting with friends, family, and neighbors to find an appropriate match!

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