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4 Places to Read Books Online Completely Free of Charge

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Reading is a wonderful activity when it comes to sustaining your brain’s strength and agility. Reading is shown to improve your memory, make you more empathetic to others, and might even slow down mental signs of aging. For avid readers, there are many pros to cracking open their favorite books, and just one con: finding new titles to read! While it’s true that you can borrow books from friends or even the local library, we have an even more appealing option for you: finding free books online. Start a new title without even having to leave the house when you check out these websites.

Google Books

You already turn to Google for delicious recipes and must-know information – so, why not search Google Books for your next read? Google Books houses the most extensive collection of free books online, and finding one is as easy as typing a query into the search bar. Unfortunately, not all of the books are free, but Google Books makes it easy to filter your search from “Any books” to “Free Google eBooks.”

The Library of Congress

If you're eager to find classic titles for teenagers and children, look no further than The Library of Congress’s online portal. Their easy-to-use interface will direct you to more than 60 classic books that include titles like Aesop’s Fables, Alice in Wonderland, A Christmas Carol, and Cinderella. The website also offers a handful of titles for adults.


Looking for a website that can routinely suggest book recommendations? Try BookBub! Though you’ll need to register a free account with the website, BookBub is ideal for readers who are constantly on the hunt for something new to enjoy. You’ll get access to tons of free books online, as well as early notifications when big-name titles are available for sale online for 75 percent or more off.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has been offering online books for longer than most people have been active on the Internet. Today, the site houses nearly 60,000 eBooks, all of which are free to read – though, if you feel compelled to donate, the project is always eager for contributions. Plus, books grabbed from Project Gutenberg are easy to download and compatible with Amazon Kindle devices.

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